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Issue I January 2008

  • Bob Smith Named Southern California PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year
  • How Do Your Clubs Fit?
  • Getting Proper Grip is Essential for Good Swing

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Teacher of YearBob Smith Named Southern California PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year
Tee Time is proud to announce that our highly respected Pro, Bob Smith, was recently named Southern California PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year in the Northern Chapter of the SCA PGA.

The honor goes once a year to a golf professional who has been nominated by another golf professional. Nominees are asked to answer a series of questions regarding teaching technique, contributions to the community and so on. Members of the PGA review the answers and vote for the winner of the coveted title.

"It's a particular honor because I was elected by my peers," Bob Smith says.

Golf Club FittingHow Do Your Clubs Fit?
It's not the name on the club that will make you play better, it's the fit! In tennis, baseball, and hockey, tools to hit the ball are customized to the individual. Why not in golf? It's just a matter of economics. In most sports, there is one hitting tool, like a racquet, bat, or hockey stick. In golf, there are 14 sticks in the bag. These are way too many items for the manufacturers to customize to each player.Yet golfers will pay $1600, $2000 or more for a set of one size fits all golf clubs because they've seen their favorite PGA tour player using them. What many of these golfers do not realize is that the pros may play with a certain brand of clubs, but they have been fitted to them to the nth degree by a professional golf club fitter.

At Tee Time, we have two qualified and certified golf equipment professionals on hand to help our golfers find their perfect fit. Schedule a two and a half hour professional fitting with Bill Kelly or Bob Dugan, and they'll define the set of clubs that will fit your physical size and golf swing.

Tuesday - Friday: 12:30-5pm  ~  Saturday - Sunday:10am-4:30pm  ~ Closed Monday

Golf Club FittingTee Time Pro Bob Smith: Getting Proper Grip is Essential For Good Swing

My colleague Lee Martin and I agree on the importance of proper position of the right hand in the golf grip. It's crucial for the right hand on the top of the club to be at the same angle as the clubface. The right hand (for right-handed players) is the most important hand.

It amazes me how many people ask about where the left hand should be on the club. I agree that stronger is better than weaker, but how do you find the proper position for the left hand?

Start by putting your feet together. Place the club head two inches in front of your left toe. Now move your left hand behind your left hip (or rear end) about four to six inches. Take the club in your right hand and drop the grip of the club into your left hand. You will notice a couple of things. One, the club is in your fingers of the left hand (not the palm). Wrap the fingers around the grip and bring the club in front of you. When you do this, you will see at least two knuckles of the left hand on top. That is a very good position for the left hand. Make sure the "V" formed by the thumb and index finger of the right hand points to your nose or right eye. Do this and you will have a great grip.

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