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Issue 6May 2010

  • May Highlights
  • How Pro-fitted Fitting and Building Practices Benefit the Golfer
  • All Day on May 7, 8 & 9!
    Stop into Tee Time to try the latest putter designs from Ashdon Golf.
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  • May Club Fitting Special
    Receive $30 off any driver fitting or iron set fitting.

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Blake JohnsonMay Highlights


We did a little research a couple years back and learned that good quality golf balls are one of the most important things to our customers. So, you'll be glad to know we recently got a shipment of 9,000 new Top Flite Tour range balls, the softest, most durable practice ball Top Flite has ever produced.

And we want to help you work on your short game, too! That's why we're hosting an Ashdon Golf putter demo weekend this Friday, May 7 through Sunday, May 9.

So come out and practice!

Blake Johnson
Tee Time Owner

Bill Kelly Golf Club ProHow Pro-fitted Fitting and Building Practices
Benefit the Golfer

Most golfers want to hit it longer, straighter and more consistently. Many also want better feel and a different trajectory. To reach these goals, golfers need clubs that are professionally fit to their build and golf swing. That's what Tee Time's Bill Kelly and Bob Dugan do for a living.

Using a prescribed set of fitting and assembly procedures, Bill and Bob can help golfers reach their goals. They start with an interview of the golfer to determine each person's desires in order of importance. Next, they inspect the golfer's current set for length, loft, lie, and wear. Wear patterns often indicate areas for the fitter's focus during ball striking. Static measurements of the golfer are made and become a starting point for length and grip size.

The ball striking process is next. To achieve the best distance, direction, consistency, feel, and trajectory for the golfer, he or she hits test clubs of different loft, length, shaft weight, flex, bend profile, head-weight, lie angle, and head shift. Bill and Bob use a launch monitor to record information including: swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance and direction. Swing tempo and wrist hinge release are also measured. Through a careful process of elimination, certain configurations of shafts and heads are decided upon. They can then select shaft length, weight, flex, bend profile, head design, grip style, and size that will optimize the golfer's ball striking. After ball striking, set-makeup is discussed and defined. We want to give the golfer a set of clubs that are easy to hit with reasonable and consistent distance gaps between clubs. 

Next, we obtain material to build the golfer's club set. From this, test clubs for a follow-up tweaking session are built. During tweaking, all the specs of the ball striking session are verified. Additional tests with these clubs are run to refine swing weight (total club MOI) and Optimal Weight using the Tour Lock Pro Weighting System. When the tweaking session has been completed, the remainder of the clubs in the set are finished and delivered within about an hour, giving the golfer a full set of clubs that will give him his best distance, accuracy, consistency, feel, and trajectory.

During the build several processes are implemented that benefit the golfer. All shafts are spine aligned and properly oriented. Clubs are MOI matched instead of swing weighted. MOI matched clubs require the same amount of force to swing and square the club face, resulting in a higher level of swing timing consistency and more consistent ball flight.

Bill and Bob invite you to stop by the shop at Tee Time if you have any questions.

All Day on May 7, 8 & 9!
Stop into Tee Time to try the latest putter designs from Ashdon Golf.  

Ashdon Golf Products

Monday: 10am-Dark - Tuesday-Sunday: 8am-Dark
From the US-101 take the Ballard Avenue exit and turn towards the ocean. Turn right onto Carpinteria Street and then left into the parking lot.

$12/hour, unlimited balls
$10/hour for juniors and seniors

Tuesday-Friday: 12:30-5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-4:30pm  
Monday: closed


Receive $30 off any driver fitting or iron set fitting.
Offer expires 5/31/10
Questions? Call (805) 566-9948
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